K Tigers Taekwondo

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The K-Tigers are a famous taekwondo demonstration and performance team based in South Korea. The team is known for their high-energy performances that combine taekwondo techniques with music, dance, and acrobatics. The K-Tigers have gained international acclaim for their impressive and dynamic performances, which often feature a combination of traditional taekwondo forms, choreographed fight sequences, and synchronized movements.
The K-Tigers team was formed in 1990 by Grandmaster Hyun-Do Kim, who wanted to promote taekwondo and showcase the skills of his students in a more creative and entertaining way. The team quickly gained popularity in South Korea and abroad, and has since performed at numerous events, competitions, and television shows around the world.
The K-Tigers team is made up of talented taekwondo practitioners, many of whom have achieved high-ranking black belts and have won awards in national and international taekwondo competitions. In addition to their performances, the K-Tigers also offer taekwondo classes and workshops for people of all ages and skill levels.
The K-Tigers team has helped to popularize and promote taekwondo as a dynamic and exciting martial art, and continues to inspire audiences with their incredible displays of skill, timing, and teamwork. Their performances are a testament to the beauty and power of taekwondo as both a sport and an art form.