The new challenge- IOC approved Karate to be an Olympic sport in 2020

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Good news for Karate
Karate will be Olympian in 2020
It took so many years for karate to be accepted as an Olympic sport but it seems that it is starting big, especially that it will be presented though sparring (kumitee) and also the Kata (Poomsae/Form).

Proposed Events:
Kata (W / M)
No of Events: 2
No of Athletes(total): 20
Kumite (3 weight classes - W / M)
No of Events: 6
No of Athletes(total): 60
For any martial/fighting art to be in Olympics, There should be Concessions of course, the same way happened with Taekwondo and Boxing for example. There would be more rules, therefore Olympic Karate would be different than the Karate we all knew.
In the other hand, Taekwondo existance in Olympic games would be more chalenging, and more efforts would be required to keep it there, Because Karate and Taekwondo are two martial arts that almost look like each other for the public audience.
Congrats & Good luck to Karate Family


  1. Olympic version of Taekwondo is not very representative of our martial art. Good luck to karate. And why no poomse if they have kata?

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