Was he faster than Bruce Lee?

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Was he faster than Bruce Lee? GM Vic Moore said that he has blocked two punches of Bruce Lee, but we have a video witnessing that event, check this to know the truth!!                        

In 1967 Bruce Lee and Vic Moore met in a demonstration of Speed, where Lee wanted to prove to the audience that he was too fast compared to other martial artists. 
At the time Vic Moore was a fighter who was still competing at the time, and he even fought against the legendary fight Joe Lewis.
Vic Moore is a 10th Dan Karate grand master now, and he talked about this experience in few documentaries, and claimed that he blocked a few punches of Bruce Lee, which means that his reaction was faster than Lee's attack.
This is 1967 when Bruce Lee performed various SHORT DEMONSTRATIONS Long Beach International Karate 
Championships including the  "unstoppable punch" against USKA world Karate champion Vic Moore.



  1. That last clear video showed Bruce's punch was so far away, a karate punch will come close enough to your face at 1 inch undefended before it will be allowed to score

  2. Well the way I can see the punch was to far from him.

  3. Have vic moore filmed full speed ,canyou still see his block? I heard cameras count film bruce at full speed

  4. Looks to me like Bruce was in and out before Vics arm moved.

  5. Bruce was too fast