Static stretching

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Static Stretching
Static stretching is composed of many exercises that lengthen the muscle to the point of discomfort while the body is at rest.
While holding the stretching position (between 30 seconds to 2 minutes) you may feel a mild discomfort or a warm sensation in the muscles. Static exercises lessen the sensitivity of the tension receptors in our muscles, which helps the stretched muscles to get a good length and also to feel relaxation.

 The static stretching should be used for the cool down, especially after you finish the main training session, and this helps the athlete's body to return to the normal steady state of rest static stretching has many benefits if it was done correctly and at the right time. It helps you to be flexible and prolong your tight muscles, improve your balance, and relieve tension and stress.
There are some critics that doubts about the effectiveness of static stretching, because this type of stretching makes the athlete weak before an activity. 

Moreover, some recent studies proved that static stretching has a negative effect on the performance if it was done before an activity, because it affects the explosive ability in a bad a way, increase the joints instability, and promote the probability of being injured.

Tips to consider before stretching
· You should warm up before doing any static stretching
· You have to breathe in a normal way
· You should stretch slowly until you feel a mild pain on the muscle (tension), some would say that there should be no pain at all, but you should know that some people are really so tight, and any degree of stretching is painful for them.
· Hold your stretch between 30 seconds and 2 minutes.
· Avoid the bouncing movements while stretching
· Focus your stretch on the muscles that will hold the major amount of work during the training.

   Every practitioner of Taekwondo should know about the best types of stretching which might be needed during the training or before a competition.
   Static stretching should be done after you finish your training, or it could be as a stretching session its self (static stretching session), also you have to avoid this type of stretching before training or before an event (championships).
  Instead of static stretching, Dynamic stretching exercises would be the right choice before starting your training, or getting ready for an activity such as sparring (Kyorugi).
Here is a video for a static stretching routine after work out.

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