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Every taekwondo athlete, coach, master or grand master has a dream to visit the Kukkiwon in Seoul, South Korea. It is the heart of Taekwondo in the world, also named as the World Taekwondo Headquarters.
After the construction was done (from 1971 untill 1972), the Kukkiwon hosted the first World Taekwondo Championships in Ma 1973 with 200 competitors from 17  countries.
The kukkiwon founded its own Taekwondo demonstration team since 1974 to travel worldwide in order to spread taekwondo, and this great effort introduced the Korean martial art to the world, after many demonstrations and shows in many countries, the world of martial arts was impressed by the revolutionary new kicking techniques invented by the Korean grand masters and masters.

The first president of the World Taekwondo Academy (Kukkiwon) was GM Un Young Kim, after he resigned in 2001, they elected Woon Kyu Uhm from the Chung Do Kwan, followed by Yong Gye Um, then by Seung Wan Lee of the Jidokwan then Won Sik Kang of Song Moo Kwan, then GM Kyu Sok Lee, then GM Kyu Hyung Lee for a short time, and finally the February 2014 GM Jeong Mansoon was elected as the new Kukkiwon president (current).

 In seventies (70s) and before, there were about 10 schools (kwans) of Korean martial arts in Korea, Jido kwan (1), Chung Do Kwan(2), Moo Duk Kwan(3), Chang Moo Kwan(4), Song Moo Kwan(5), Oh Do Kwan(6), Jung Do Kwa(7), Kang Duk Won(8), Li Kwan(9) and Han Moo Kwan(10).

Through many tough effort, the Kukkiwon had made an impressive work when it unified Taekwondo by integrating those separated Kwan. but this does not mean that those Kwans disappeared, their organizations are still active right now!

When you step through the Kukkiwon door, you smell the history of taekwondo old days, you can see the walls decorated by posters showing old events and memories.

                                      Kukkiwon Stadium

the staff there show total respect to visitors, and bowing to each other inside the kukkiwon is a normal tradition.

Everyone who got the ability to train in the World Taekwono Academy should be fortunate for  that great chance, because the grand masters teaching there are -without any doubt- the most experienced masters you could ever have. It is true that not all of them speak good English, but they speak a great Taekwondo.
good luck everyone :)

                                                                          By Master S.E.H 


  1. Hi All ..
    I have been a student of TKD for 48 years... In all that time I have been loyal to ITF teaching the Hyungs as opposed to WTF Poomsae...
    Where does the Kukkiwon stand on this subject..?
    Thanking you in advance....

  2. Thanks to Sow that i need lelp Master