How can the Olympic Taekwondo be effective against other styles?

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How would you make the Olympic Taekwondo effective against other striking martial arts?

No one know the modern Olympic Taekwondo more than athletes who compete in kyorugi nowadays.

The athletes during the sparring can feel the effect of kicks impact, and we do know that the hogu or chest protector can decrease the effect but it is not a shield that stop the power of the kicks.

We do not really need to ask athletes if the kicks nowadays hurt as they used to do.

There are two facts that say a lot about the power of kicks in Olympic style of fighting:

1- Athletes nowadays are not physically stronger than fighters before, and of course they can nit bear strong kicks, this does not mean that they are not training enough, but the training system is simply different.

2- body and head kicks do not cause knock outs or knock downs anymore.

In my personal opinion I do think that Taekwondo effectiveness requires power, that's the missing part. 

Taekwondo athletes have several techniques that helps them to reach the target but without having enough power to knock out or knock down their opponents. 

Taekwondo would very effective if the coaches and their athletes focus on power work, that would turn the Olympic style to a very feared martial art. 

We came across a nice fight between Taekwondo and kick boxing, and we can see clearly that this fighter is a WTF fighter, he used his style with more power and succeeded to knock down his opponent by using a good back kick.

The red corner fighter used many Taekwondo techniques such as spinning back kicks, 360 degree kick, roundhouse kick, and finally the back kick that knocked down his opponent. 

Taekwondo is a good martial art if it was practiced the old fashioned way, and we still believe it is an effective fighting style that we hope that it gets its tradition back.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us.