Is he the best one to look like Bruce Lee?

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                           The Afghan Bruce Lee

       Even after 47 years of his death, the icon Bruce lee is still inspiring many martial artists around the world. his legacy, philosophy, movies and martial arts skills are still discussed even nowadays, not any martial artist can achieve this interest, love and admiration, all these was deserved by the legend Bruce Lee.
Many practitioners of martial arts and actors tried to imitate him, because he is still seen as an example of the complete martial artist.

His basic style is kung fu (Wing Chun) but the strange and wonderful thing is that he is admired by most styles of martial arts, Taekwondo, Karate, kick boxing...
Bruce Lee passed away so young and he was only about 32 year old when he passed away, but he could create this bright image only in few years.
For example Jason Scott Lee was known for his best role in Bruce lee story movie, where he did the role of the legend Bruce lee, and there are actors who played the role of Bruce Lee in cinema such as Mike Moh or Danny Chan Kwok Kwan and there are five more actors.

Our article guest today is this young man they call the Afghan Bruce Lee, he was only 21 years old when he appeared in social media with a look like the legend Bruce Lee.
Abbas Alizada is from Afghanistan, he was 14 years old when he first saw Bruce Lee moves inspired by Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies, He trained in a martial arts school for few months only because his family could not support him financially.
Abbas is physically looking like Bruce lee and also the way he looks make us think that we are in front of another similar copy.

No one would be Bruce Lee but this young man from Afghanistan was poor but he did not give up his dreams.
later we have seen him in some channels having interviews with  him, and this is a good step forward.
Not everyone has the good conditions to be what they want, some people need to fight a lot to achieve what they dream about, and Abbas Alizada is one of them.
many good actors and martial arts stars come from poor families and marginalized neighborhoods, which is means that it is always possible to make your dreams real, you just have to work hard and be patient.

Please tell us what do you think about those who tried to imitate Bruce Lee compared with the Afghan Bruce Lee, Your opinions matter.