Animated series: Taekwon King Kang Taepoong

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태권왕 강태풍 (Taekwon King Kang Taepoong) is a Korean animated series from 2000 about schoolkids forming a Taekwondo club. 

The story is centered around a stubborn boy called Kang Tae-poong who sometimes gets in trouble with other people. 
After getting knocked out by another boy of his age who does Taekwondo, Tae-poong decides to do Taekwondo himself. 
Together with a few fellow students and a teacher, he forms a Teakwondo club.

Besides the Korean original version, the series has been dubbed in Arabic language and is known as
فريق المهارة (Fareeq al Mahara / engl.: Skill Team). Tae-poong is known as Zayed in this dub.

Episode 1:

                                                                    Episode 2

                                                               Episode 3:
Kang Tae-poong is demanding a fight against a girl named Yi Do-Mi from his club to prove his strength, but he underestimates her and ends up getting beaten. 

During the fight, Tae-poong misses a high kick and is countered with a solid punch to the stomach.