A WHITE BELT girl vs a BLACK BELT girl

12:07:00 AM Tkd kwan 5 Comments

This brave white belt girl is fighting against a black belt, and showing impressive courage to fight.

In some countries the unions do not allow beginners to fight against red or black belts in the same category, because there is a big gap of experience and skill. Also mixing the two may cause serious injuries during the fights, and as we know Taekwondo sparring strategy is aiming for the safety of fighters, we can see that in all the protectors developed for Taekwondo kyorugi.

Back to this fight 😁 the white belt girl does not look like someone who started Taekwondo for few months because her kicks are quite good and her techniques are acceptable.
Do you think it is okay to allow white belts to join championships or tournaments (open to all levels)?

Let's watch the fight 👇


  1. Appears, she has more experience than admitting!

  2. This girl seems like have an experience in martial arts in general.White belt in TKD but experienced in another similar style.Her kicks are not look beginner's kicks...

  3. With the new sport Taekwondo of foot fencing and light taps, anyone can fight a black belt. Some black belts fight like white belts and colored belts. This video is a perfect example. Taekwondo wasn't it used to be unfortunately. Then you can't fight a black belt if you're a white belt.

  4. I don't believe for one second that she was a White Belt.. green or Blue maybe, unless she goes to a school that jmnust don't advance students rank. OR maybe she just switched belts. She still got put in her place by the BB.

  5. probably she just join say atf when she was awarded colored belt in wtf or alike but she was not allowed to carry her colored belt without "paying" the grading fees.