The CEO of US stock market giant Nasdaq is a Taekwondo black belt

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Taekwondo 'helps reduce the fear of getting punched'
Adena Friedman says that being a black belt in taekwondo has helped her become more fearless in business.
The 50-year-old boss of the Nasdaq took up the martial art more than a decade ago, after taking her two sons to classes from a young age.

"It is a great discipline for my body and mind," she says. "It has impressed upon me the idea that success is in my control.
"It has also helped reduce the fear of getting [metaphorically] punched. I know that I can get hit, and it's not the worst thing in the world.
"I just need to decide to get back up, and keep fighting."
Ms Friedman, who has been the chief executive of Nasdaq since January 2017, is one of the world's leading female business leaders.

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