Hate hits Taekwondo champions in US Open 2017.. These athletes can not participate in US Open :(

3:17:00 AM Tkd kwan 2 Comments

       Some Taekwondo athletes will not be able to participate in the US Taekwondo Open (the first competition in 2017) and the reason is the new politic of the new US President based on racism and hate.
The list of banned champions includes Mourad Achraoui (European Champion) and Si Mohamed Ketbi ( Silver medal in world Taekwondo Championships and participated in Olympic Games) and their coach Lamkadami.
There are others banned because of their nationality...


  1. Total bullshit story, again, as usual

  2. your right this is bullshit as usual from the press. our school was in Taekwondo for many years, and the students have plenty of time to get their papers in order. everyone wants to blame someoone