Pregnant Taekwondo lady kicking the pad (This is too extreme for an 8 months pregnant woman)

5:02:00 AM Tkd Kwan 2 Comments


  1. if a woman is comfortable doing Taekwondo at 8 months pregnant it is not "too extreme". People need to keep their opinions to themselves. It is perfectly safe if you know your body and your limits and are not a novice. Continuing to practice Taekwondo while pregnant is better for a mother than no physical activity. It will actually help the mother with delivery and recovering postpartum. So hats off to her. When you are pregnant you can decide if it's "too extreme" for you. A person gets to make that decision for themselves.

  2. Do not take this as if we are attacking this woman. and we agree that training is good for pregnant ladies, but accidents happen when we trust our bodies more than we should. If you are practicing Taekwondo or martial arts you will understand our point. Thank you for your comment and we respect the lady on the video (She belongs to our family)